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Your Home is your most comfortable and loved place. Balancing your work inside and outside the home is an everyday yet critical job. Either you are working from home or office, we are well aware how difficult it is to manage both the ends at the same time. Maid Easy is here to provide you the trusted helping hands to make your life stress free and maintain the balance between two. Now you can keep your home cleaner while you are working at the office or you need not worry about making dinner after a hectic day at the office. MaidEasy also helps you to look after your family. Let it be the senior most or the junior most member of your family, we have people with the right skills to take care of them. MaidEasy maids work in flexible hours, that gives you the option to select as per your convenience and requirement. You have options of 8 / 12 or even 24 hours to get the right assistance for your household activities.

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All the household work will be done just the way you want it.  We are passionate about the quality of our work. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the house maid, just let us know, we will promise to sort it out. 

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We Have Set New Benchmarks For The Service Delivery. All Our Maids Are Well Trained.

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The Fee Structure Is Very Transparent. You Pay The Pre-Decided Fees And Nothing More.

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We Have A Relentless Commiment To Customer Satisfaction.